Phoenix's Scariest Haunted Houses
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13th Floor Haunted House

In most buildings, the 13th Floor does not exist. This Halloween Season, explore the legend of the 13th Floor at one of the most horrifying haunted house experiences ever, the 13th Floor Haunted House!

The 13th Floor is an intense, graphic, theatrical show that will take you on a gut wrenching ride of visceral thrills and psychological horror. Sixty thousand square feet of shocking twists and horrifying turns are waiting for you at 13th Floor Haunted House!


Experience the truth about the legend of the 13th Floor at a haunted house created from your darkest nightmares. Legends and nightmares alike will come to life at the 13th Floor: Phoenix's legendary haunted house, a gut-wrenching ride to untold nightmares 13 floors straight down!


The world famous 13th Floor is back in Phoenix for the 2017 Halloween Season! Created by nationally recognized and award winning haunted house designers, the 13th Floor will transport you to new levels of horror. Prepare to be terrified by two epic haunted attraction walkthroughs for one all inclusive price: “Ancient Evil” and “Zombie Land: Biohazard.”

The 13th Floor Haunted House is located on I-17 and Bell by Santisi Brothers (2814 W. Bell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85053).

13th Floor Haunted Houses, also located in Phoenix, San Antonio and Phoenix, have been praised nationwide and featured on: America Haunts, The Travel Channel, Hauntworld Magazine, MTV and more. USA Today calls it, "One of the best 13 haunted house attractions in the US."


Ancient Evil

Ancient EvilThe Ravenswood Manor has had mystery and intrigue surrounding it for years. With a family history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt members of this family occupied this home for generations until suddenly...they didn’t. Rumor has it the Ravenswood family died out due to an Egyptian curse on their family that gave them wealth and longer than average life spans in exchange for their souls. Once the last Ravenswood family member died, the cursed souls of the entire family would rise and walk the earth doomed to feed upon anyone they came in contact with. Recently a construction crew, expanding the grounds of a nearby graveyard close to the manor, has gone missing and locals have reported sightings of a mummy and other strange monsters roaming the grounds. We dare you to enter Ravenswood Manor and uncover the mystery and horrors awaiting those who disturb the mummy’s sleep…

Zombie Land: Biohazard

Zombie Land: BiohazardEnter into the post-apocalyptic battle where humanity is fighting back against the deranged, brain and flesh crazed zombies. At first what seemed to bring survivors together, has now brought on a new form of terror, where those that are thriving are preying on the weak. Attempt to make your way through a nightmare morphed into a greater sort of hell that threatens to take power and shape our future…

The Fear Farm

Voted “Best Haunted House” in Phoenix, Arizona in 2015!

From the city all you can hear are the screams resonating from fields on the farm. Located on the outskirts of the city lies a farmland that is home to one of the scariest places in Arizona. Fear Farm is the largest outdoor haunted attraction in the valley. 30 acres of pure terror, consisting of 5 indoor/outdoor haunted attractions and for the faint of heart we offer a 10 acre corn maze. New for 2016 Fear farm brings you the all new Phoenix Haunted Hayride. Guests won’t have to travel far to leave the city lights behind and enjoy this ominous oasis of the desert, the Valley’s only outdoor Halloween experience with attractions for the whole family. This Halloween season, Fear Farms promises to become your family’s newest and most frightening fall tradition: Come for the fun, stay for the fear. Make a night of it. We dare you.

This year there are 5 horrific haunts all at one location: Slaughterhouse, Undead, The Bunker: Area-X, Dark Carnival, and Legends: The Witch!

Fear Farm is located at 2209 N. 99th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85037.

If you’re in Phoenix this fall, be sure to not miss everyone’s favorite Halloween tradition and take a stroll through Fear Farm Haunted House!


The Haunted Hayride

The Haunted HayrideTOn the outskirts of town sits the remains of a once thriving circus before the city went broke and forced the closure of the show. Grief stricken, a few die-hard clowns refused to leave, and over time with nothing and no one to help with their despair, fell deeper into their chilling comedic insanity. Only the most desperate souls will pass through this ghost town for fear of falling victim to the stars of this now bloody show is very real. You’re not afraid…are you?

Legends: The Witch

Legends: The WitchUnder the moonlight of the Harvest Moon, the veil between our world and the dark world thins and nightmarish creatures start appear to torment those sensitive to the psychic realm. Every year, devout worshipers of the dark occult descend seeking the guidance of The Witch with offerings and sacrifices of innocent souls. Long believed to be descendants of Lilith, the first demon to walk the earth, coven members search for new blood to open a portal to the other side and set their master free to walk the Earth. The witches only need a few more souls to open the door. Will you escape their murderous clutches?

Dark Carnival

Dark CarnivalThis demented carnival showcases deranged creatures determined to torment visitors’ mind and soul. Encounter a host of maniacal beasts and clowns that will feed off your worst nightmares and take you on a ride you won’t ever forget. Debuting humanity’s darkest fears, it is unlikely you will make it out in the same state of mind you came in with.

The Bunker: Area-X

The Bunker: Area-XThe terror that ensued from 1997’s alien arrival in Phoenix continues as hundreds have disappeared without a trace of evidence leading to their whereabouts…or so we thought…after discovering that victims are being held in an old bunker and subject to inhumane testing, no one dares to attempt a rescue mission. But as the alien beasts continue to hunt down new test subjects, it becomes imminent for the government to intervene. Can you handle the nightmarish results of these once normal human beings?


UndeadIt started with a flash in the sky and a loud crash. What looked like a comet was, in fact, an alien craft crash landing in the cemetery. The aliens slowly came out of the wreckage, only to be slaughtered by the soldiers who came to investigate. What the soldiers didn’t know as they dragged the bodies away to their Bunker, was that the blood from the aliens would seep through the ground and disturb the corpses, waking them from their peaceful resting place. Now the Undead walk among us, terrorizing anyone and everyone in their path.



Rumors swirl around one family living in what was once Phoenix, Arizona, with locals claiming that they have made a deal with a madman, who some call the devil himself. In exchange for sparing their lives, the Slidell family has agreed to herd and slaughter fellow humans to supply this nameless soul reaper, with the flesh he craves. Word has it that the screams and gurgling heard amidst the roars of chainsaws at Slidell Family Slaughterhouse are actually from human livestock. Sitting atop a mass grave of badly decomposing “leftovers,” an unanticipated side effect has made matters worse, the Slaughterhouse has become a feeding ground each night as the local Undead are drawn to the thick stench of rotting flesh.